Saturday, 16 April 2016

Adding an alternate email address or a mobile phone number is very essential in Yahoo because this are used as a key at time when access to your account has been lost. In cases when a yahoo user lost his Id or yahoo password this two can only be recovered by an alternate email address.

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In such cases when one forget yahoo password. A link is sent to this email address from where the yahoo email address can be recovered. This is the only key by which yahoo can analysis that the account is originally owned by you and not by the hacker. Thus yahoo suggests to always including an alternate email to your account. One can add one or more alternative email address to the account.

To add an alternate email address:
1.     Go to Account Info page.
2.     Click on Account security.
3.     To add an alternate email, click on Add recovery email address.
4.     Click Send verification email.
5.     Then verify your alternate email address this can be done by clicking on verification link sent on your alternate email address.
6.     Click Verify.

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