Thursday, 21 April 2016

You yahoo inbox can store all information from photos to documents, from travel plans to shopping orders, events and much more. A yahoo inbox is like your personal directory which can store your personal life information in a managed and secured format. A yahoo user has more than hundred and thousands emails stored in its yahoo mail and with the advanced search option of yahoo one can search mails of months ago.
yahoo feature

The traditional search option was not that good you need to search date by date and need to reach to the desired mail or online information but with the advancement in yahoo search the searching capability of yahoo has enhanced. With this yahoo’s goal is to make it simple and easy to find what you’re looking for.
The yahoo feature includes:
  1.   Easier Folder Search – For folder searching yahoo provide refined folder search option. Search any folder, right in the search bar and just select the folder you want to explore and from there you can get proper result to all search option.   
  2. Refined Search – With refined search option now yahoo user can get refine results to searches based on who sent them, yahoo user can also search it through words that the mails may contain thus there is no need to search for each and every mail also there is no need to search mails one after the other on the basis of dates.
  3. Search Suggestions - Yahoo Mail now intelligently suggests search terms with gray text that is it has advanced search in a manner that it now gives clue for what you are searching like that a Google search engine gives. From the moment you type a letter, you will see people and recent search suggestions so that you can quickly select the suggested search term by the Tab key that you want to search for.
With the enhancements in search function and other more exciting yahoo features now a yahoo user can enjoy yahoo mail service more properly. When you type a name in search box it will display all the result with respective name and when you enter a specific keyword it will give search results of all the mails that contain that particular word.
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