Tuesday 26 April 2016

Yahoo password – Rules to strong and secure password 

Yahoo is a popular and widely used platform. Yahoo is used widely all around the world. It has millions of users who used all its multiple services. Yahoo provides multiple services and anyone who have an account on yahoo can use this services. Yahoo provides services like yahoo games, yahoo finance, yahoo groups, yahoo answers, yahoo news, yahoo forecasting etc.

yahoo password help

One of the best and most used services provided by yahoo is yahoo mail service. Used worldwide in different languages yahoo mail has millions of users all around the world. Yahoo is used for both personal as well and professional concerns. One can send and receive mails online with yahoo.  

To sign in to your yahoo mail account you need to have a yahoo id and yahoo password. Without this no one can sign in to their account to use yahoo services. Thus one must always remember the yahoo id and password for signing every time to their account. Yahoo password is more important because this is a unique key with which a yahoo user can get access to your account and information stored on it. Thus yahoo suggests taking care of password.
One must:

  1.  Keep a strong password that a hacker can never access. You can take help from the yahoo password rules that yahoo specify while keeping a password. 
  2.  Never share login credential with anyone specially the password of the account.
  3. Keep the password preserve so that preserved and secure online yahoo use can be enjoyed.
  4. Change yahoo password after fixed interval of time so that there will be less possibility of getting hacked.
  5. Make sure that the account has not been hacked. If you feel that account has been hacked in any means then you must immediately change the password because as the password will be changed the hacker will no longer have an access to account and the user will gain back complete access to its account.
Yahoo suggests a user to keep a secure and strong password. One must follow the certain yahoo password rule to keep a strong password. Yahoo password rules are:

  1.     The yahoo password must have eight or more than eight characters.
  2.     It must be unique such that no one can guess over it.
  3.     One must avoid sequences and repeated character in password.
  4.     It must not resemble with other site’s password.
  5.     It must have a special symbol
  6.     It should be a combination of upper and lower case letter.
  7.     It must not be same to that as your id.

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