Monday 11 April 2016

With Event Notification Feature of Yahoo, Stay Updated --

Yahoo now provides special feature of notification with which it will now remind its users on important events etc. With the new package of event reminders yahoo will now work for you. When your yahoo is on with this notification feature it will include all related details and will then show visual and informative packages and event notifications at the top of your inbox. With this you will no longer be in need to search each and every mail for getting details about specific events or specific dates of events. You can simply use the quick viewing feature of yahoo so as to remain updated with recent events and its details.

With this yahoo wants to help its users in all format like it often happens that you forget your important dates when you are so busy in your routine work. It can be very important dates like an invitation of your best friend party or a birth day date on which you need to send a parcel or a small gift or a lovely birthday wish emails.

Other than the important dates this will also notify you of the dates on which you will be receiving a delivery of some online order. For example if you order something online on Amazon and your yahoo email has been registered to Amazon. From Amazon you will receive an email that will notify you for the delivery and its receiving date. Yahoo will feed all this information that has been received by you via an email from Amazon and then it will notify you by showing a detail at the top of your email. With this you will be sure that when you must remain available to receive the delivery package that has been sent from Amazon.

With this you can enjoy online shopping from your favorite online shopping portal also you can get notification of important events that you do not want to miss. You can now plan an online gift to for important dates with yahoo.  

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  1. I don't know about yahoo update notification feature, thanks for information. I really appreciate your post and i will wait for your next post.


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