Monday 14 March 2016

What is Yahoo? - Yahoo Technical Support UK

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What is Yahoo? - Yahoo Technical Support UK - Quora

Yahoo is often misunderstood as a website or a server etc. People do call it with different names but yahoo as a whole is everything you require for  everyday life. Just like Google, Yahoo is an ultimate search engine and  like Gmail is to Google, yahoo mail is the mail service provided by  yahoo. Yahoo was started in 1995 it has it’s headquarter at California.  It is famous for its features and services. From all the services Yahoo search and Yahoo mail is one of famous one. Other than the two well renowned services yahoo is famous for services like yahoo news, online maps, yahoo navigation, yahoo directory, yahoo dictionary, yahoo answers, yahoo games, yahoo finance, yahoo share markets, yahoo social media Flickr, yahoo sports etc. Other than this yahoo also provides  several features like chat, movies of many languages, instant chat messenger named yahoo messenger, yahoo web portals, yahoo stores, yahoo advertising, video and photo sharing etc. For help in using of these services one can call yahoo helpline number anytime.  


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