Friday, 4 March 2016

To sign in to any Yahoo account you need a login id and Yahoo password. This is an id and password which was given while at the time of registration of any account. Both id and password are very essential for login to any account and using all its services and information but with your password your yahoo account is safe and is limited to you only. If this password is taken by anyone else they can have access to all your personal information stored in your Yahoo account.

Thus to preserve you account from negative use you must keep your yahoo password secure and safe. For this yahoo need you to create a strong yahoo password by following certain rules:
  1. The yahoo password must have eight or more than eight characters.
  2. It must be unique such that no one can guess over it.
  3. One must avoid sequences and repeated character in password.
  4. It must not resemble with other site’s password.
  5. It must have a special symbol
  6. It should be a combination of upper and lower case letter.
  7. It must not be same to that as your id.
create strong yahoo password

In all aspect yahoo states that the yahoo password must be distinct in a manner that it is not recognized by other by any means. Once you have a secured password your all online information in the yahoo account is secured.
Yahoo also states that one must remember following things so as to secure password from others:
  1. Keep your password only to you that is do not share it with others.
  2. If you sign in to your account via a public platform you must remember to sign out your account after the use so that no one else can use your account.
  3. If you feel that your account has been hacked or is being used by someone else immediately change your yahoo password. For changing the yahoo password Yahoo provides facility of change Yahoo password.
  4. One must change password after fixed interval of time for safety.
  5. Never reply to mails or messages asking for yahoo account password.
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We wish that you enjoy long life safe and secure yahoo account use. 



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