Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Yahoo mail is widely used mail when you are using your yahoo mail for your personal as well professional use you receive hundreds and hundreds mails daily. These mails are very difficult to manage. Many of them simply ignore some of them, many delete unwanted mails and many sent it to archive. But with the yahoo feature everyone can manage the important mails.

It often happens that after several months or years you feel a need of searching of mail that has arrived back in two months or even sometimes two years. Yahoo users start searching it through search option or with date if they remember but this is hectic work and it takes much of your time. For these yahoo provides several features.
These features are for yahoo users and their benefit. Such features are:

  1. Mark as unread: If you are busy in your work and you do not have even a little time for reading some of the important mails you can mark them as unread so that when you come to mail next time you can read it. 
  2.  Mark as flagged: You can flag the yahoo mails which you think is important so that when you come back after several days you can directly search the flagged mails.
  3.  Creating folders: You can also create folders. You can  create different folders for different type of mails you receive likewise you can create several folders naming office, home, school, hobbies etc. You can simply put mails of specific category to specific folder so that when you are in search of specific type of mail you can open the folder and can get back your mail. In case you are not in need of several folder or work for the specific folder is finish you can simply delete it. You can make new folders and delete it every time. You can also rename it; manage it as per your need.
yahoo mail managementYahoo provides several interesting features and services for any types of yahoo service help you can call yahoo helpline number . This yahoo customer service number is a direct dial number for all yahoo users who need help. This number is available 24/7 for instant help. 


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