Saturday, 12 March 2016

Do you have a fear of getting your Yahoo mail account hacked by someone. Can you know the reasons why your Yahoo account can get hacked?
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 These some following reasons why a yahoo account can be hacked:
  1. If your yahoo account password does not have a strong.
  2. If you are using same password for other multiple online service or application.
  3. If you are using same password that you have previously used on other online site.
  4. If you are not change your password after fix interval of time.
  5. In case you have ever responded to a fraudulent “phishing” email and has offered account information like password, security question.
  6. If you have give the permission any other people to access your account.
  7. If you left your account signed in at a public place like cyber café or any other person’s system.
  8. If you open any suspicious links on your PC.
  9. If some malicious program has run on your PC.

With all such activities your account ID & password is no more secure and as a consequence anyone else can access to your mail account consequently this need to be avoided to keep your Yahoo mail account information Secure. If you get any other information related yahoo mail issues you can contact our Yahoo customer service phone number without any hesitate, we are trustworthy service provider our trained tech expert sitting 24*7 hours for your help and get instant Yahoo tech support in UK. 


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