Wednesday 9 March 2016

Yahoo has recently launched an upgrade for people using classic version of yahoo mail.

What is basic yahoo mail?

If you are not able to see all features provided by yahoo you are at the basic yahoo mail version. Basic email of yahoo only provides basic functionality of mail that is like reading and writing email. Though basic mail involves various advance features like font size or formatting toolbar, photo slideshow, messenger, notepad, themes but the upgraded version of yahoo mail is far better than the classic mail feature.

Once who are using the yahoo old version that is the basic mail version can easily switch to the upgraded mail version of yahoo. In case you do not like the new version of Yahoo Mail you can switch back to the basic yahoo mail format. The basic yahoo mail feature is similar to an early version of Yahoo Mail Classic. It has simple design and is easy to use but it lack many advanced features that can only be available in full featured yahoo mail still if you wish to go back to the previous version you can simply follow certain steps like :

1. On your Yahoo Mail page, over the gear icon in the upper right corner
2. Click Settings
3. Click Viewing email
4. Check Basic
5. Click Save

Even when yahoo provides features to switch back to the previous version some of the yahoo users are unable to switch back to the previous version as per yahoo the new version is the best version and this update is done by yahoo for helping users. The new and advanced yahoo has several features like POP access, automatic email forwarding, disposable email addresses, 100 extra filters etc. all this features enhance the yahoo use and make it more interesting and useful. The new yahoo upgrade provides http for the security of Yahoo Mail and it also protect your emails. Other than all this it provides a special feature of photo sharing and it also gives 1 TB Terabyte of storage capacity for yahoo users who want to store their information online. Get more help contact Yahoo customer care phone number 0800-014-8055.

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