Friday 9 December 2016

Yahoo Support Number

Yahoo Mail is a very famous web-based email service. It is offered by the American company Yahoo!. This service is free of cost for personal use, and it is paid-for business, email plans are available. It is very famous for searching, email, news, online mapping, sharing video, financing, advertisements and its social media. It is one of the most popular sites in the United State as well as all over the world. It provides us online chatting or texting feature. Sometimes you received unwanted messages that you don’t want to see. You are getting fed up with deleting spam messages day after day in your spam folder. By getting unwanted messages or spam makes you frustrated, however yahoo also works hard to keep ahead of the spammers. Yahoo automatically filter suspected spam messages, but if you’re still getting affected with emails, then mark them as spam or unsubscribe message from mailing lists.

Here are the some instructions that you have to follow to avoid and stop all that spam and unwanted messages.

Mark emails as "spam:"
1.     Select the spam email.
2.     Click Spam.
3.     Alternatively, click the down arrow next to Spam to provide info about the email:
o    Report Spam - unsolicited emails.
o    Report a Hacked Account - emails from a contact's account that aren't normal.
o    Report a Phishing Scam - emails that look like they're from a appropriate company, but are actually meant to scam personal info.
o    Not My Mail - emails that may be addressed to another person.

Mark emails as "not spam:"
1.     Click on the Spam folder.
2.     Select the email.
3.     Click Not Spam at the top of the page.
4.     - The email will return to your Inbox.

After following all that instructions you are able to access your account without any spam or any unwanted message.

If you still get any spam or unwanted message then you contact our toll free Yahoo Service Contact Number 0800 014 8055. We give excellent tech support service as a third party service and our expert are providing best assistance with 24x7 hours.


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