Friday 12 August 2016

Yahoo is the well known email service provider in the world. Yahoo itself has many features which makes it famous among all. The users who are new to Yahoo! Mail do not have the complete knowledge of using it properly. While sending the mail many times users get question in mind that only messages can be send with emails but in fact the truth is that with the text messages several other multimedia files can also be send within the mail like audio, video, images etc. 
                   Yahoo users can not only send the messages but they are allowed to exchange any kind of files, image attachments, audio, video and many more. If the users are at old interface it means that if they are using the Yahoo mail classic they are able to add the photos with the email message. With the Yahoo mail it is very easy to switch the two Yahoo mail versions, the user only have to click alternate version link. Including the images is very easy this not only makes the mails messages more attractive but also helps in conveying in an attractive and understanding manner.  Read More...


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