Sunday, 3 July 2016

Yahoo is one of the famous web portal around the world. This web portal is the best and appropriate example of such approaches as throughout it; we get instantly related to our friends and relative ones via chat, call and video conferences worldwide which is an outstanding feeling. Except, though this status updates, you can easily update your family and friends about your life activities. When you are very busy with your daily tasks, then through the status update, you get connected with everyone that you know. So yahoo mail and yahoo messenger are used by many peoples to communicate each other and to share their thoughts and opinion of their updating status.

If you also want to update your yahoo status in yahoo mail account, you can follow the following instructions which are given below:
  1. Open the what`s New tap in your Yahoo! Mail page.
  2. In the given field mark on the What are you doing right now?
  3. The question is a starting point, but you do not need to answer the question is a starting point.
  4. Share your thoughts and views that occupies in your mind, or what thing happening in your current life, town or society.
  5. Complete or fulfill the given sentence “(your name) is”, or clear your name and “is” carefully and start to type your own sentence that you keep in mind.
  6. Tap the Status-O-Matique For motivation exclamation sign for your motivation in front of the opening field.
  7. Now click the Post button.

It is very easy to update your yahoo status on your Yahoo account further, if you find any problem while updating your status on Yahoo, you can take help from our yahoo contact number help expert department. They provide you the best and easy solution for all the technical errors related to yahoo. Dial
0800-014-8055 toll-free number is 24/7 available for your help and get yahoo mail technical support at the most inexpensive prices without paying a single currency for the call.

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