Monday 9 May 2016

Zimbra is collaborative software suite, which include both email server and web client. It’s purchased by yahoo in 2007 and later sold to VMware Software Company in 2010. Yahoo zimbra desktop is a free desktop email client server with full feature of yahoo mail. Its newly launched desktop version who support complete compatibility with yahoo mail. In other word Zimbra is an indispensable application for all who use Yahoo mial and want to access when the offline mail service of yahoo. User can run any other email service like Gmail, AOL, Hotmail etc. that support POP and IMAP guidelines. User can access all email account in one place.

Yahoo and Zimbra both are make a new application in which user can access their mail and calendar offline mode. This application known as Yahoo’s Zimbra desktop Beta and anyone can use this service without any cost.

Yahoo user can install this Zimbra application on our PC and use yahoo mail and calendars without net connection anytime. For more information visit Yahoo Zimbra and Download the client software on its PC.

Key Features of Yahoo Zimbra Desktop –

  1.      Access Email, contact, and calendar all in one application. 
  2.    This application available for Windows, Apple or Linux OS desktop computers. 
  3.    User can easily set up Zimbra application with our yahoo account. 
  4.  It provides one desktop platform for all email services.
  5. Yahoo Zimbra provides unlimited storage. 
  6.  User can use this application both online and offline mode.

yahoo zimbra desktop support

If you want to any help regarding Yahoo zimbra application or any other yahoo mail issues so you can contact our yahoo support phone number for getting complete guidelines by yahoo technical expert and troubleshooting your all yahoo mail problems.

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