Thursday 14 December 2017

Yahoo Mail is the most favorable email service that is superbly designed to give the perfect access to the users to perform the mailing works. It provides lots of useful features and functions by which users feel free to perform desired mailing tasks in an easy manner. The Yahoo service makes assured that their customers stay worry free and enjoy a hassle free mailing experience. Yahoo Mail is backed with the technology which is fully enveloped with multi-level anti spam filters that not only protects your data but also has come up with a platform where data can be stored in huge volume. Yahoo Helpline Number Service is always available to help the users and provide optimum measures to fix up the all issues.

Saturday 9 December 2017

Yahoo Mail is one of the brilliant free web based email service that consists of many useful features and services that helps the users to perform the mailing works. It is especially designed email service as it provides fast interface to setup communication with people. As you are an iPhone users, so you can sync your yahoo account on iPhone to get easy access to your email account. Syncing your account with iPhone will give you a quick access on the go. When the synchronization is done, then changes are automatically updated on your multiple devices. Sync Yahoo mail account with iPhone by using the credentials may take several minutes for the synced information to expose and you can also take help from the Yahoo Technical Support Number to get optimum measures to perform such process.


Instructions to perform such task:

  • Unlock your iPhone and click on settings.
  • Click on either Contacts or Calendar options.
  • Click on the option of Add Account.
  • Now click on Yahoo option.
  • Now enter your full Yahoo mail address and click on Next.
  • Enter the Yahoo password and click on Sign in.
  • Toggle the Mail, Contacts and Calendars to enable and click on Save option.
  • Now you have successfully synced your Yahoo Account.

If these steps couldn't able to sync your account, then try to delete and re-add the account. If it doesn't work, then you may follow the below listed steps:
  • Be sure that your Yahoo Account is working appropriately fine outside any third party email client.
    1. Open your desired browser.
    2. Now sign in to your Yahoo Mail Account.
    3. Send an email to your own email address.
    4. If you get the email in 4 to 5 minutes, then your yahoo Account is working appropriately.
  • Update your iOS:
    1. Be sure that you have updated to the latest version of the iOS.
    2. You may connect to a Wi-Fi.
    3. Click on Settings that is followed by General.
    4. Click on the option of Software Update.
    5. Now Install the latest version of the iOS.
  • Add Yahoo Mail to iPhone with IMAP.
    1. Delete the yahoo Account from the iOS Mail.
    2. Configure it manually with the help of the Yahoo IMAP account settings.
  • You can also install the Yahoo App from the App Store. It will help you to synchronize the Yahoo Account properly.
  • Remove all your Yahoo Account and start from the starting.
  • If there are some problem occurs in syncing account, then it might be possible that there is something wrong with the device. Format your iPhone and then start from the beginning. Don't forget to take a backup before formatting your device.
In case of having any trouble, you can contact to the Yahoo Contact Number 0800 014 8055 to get the instant solutions and measures to fix the issues. You will also get proper assistance and guidance by the technical experts.

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